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  Technical Information and Modifications for Equipment by Instrument Flight Research (IFR) Corporation
Compiled by Mike Morris WA6ILQ
Maintained by Robert Meister WA1MIK

What happened to IFR ???   In 2002 Aeroflex Inc. (a New York-based holding company) bought IFR for about $60 million and folded it into their other holdings as "Aeroflex Test Solutions." Click here to go to the IFR web site. In late 2014 ATS was bought by Cobham.

Note that there is no actual unit called the (whatever model-number)S/A, it's an abbreviation. The one manual would be for both the S-model and the A-model. The A-model does not have the spectrum analyzer and tracking generator options, the S-model does. And in response to several emails, no, I don't know if an A-model can be field converted into an S-model, or where to get parts, or how to do it.

A lot of older IFRs use blue fiberglass circuit boards. These boards are VERY fragile. You must do ANY necessary soldering with great care and quickly to avoid overheating the board. Also, may old IFRs are having power supply problems. If anyone would like to do an article on troubleshooting and repair we'd be happy to put it here. Likewise an article on attenuator repair, oscilloscope tube replacement, or on any other IFR-related topic.

Most of the IFR products used the same option list:

One of the companies that services IFRs is KG electronics In Wichita Kansas. Contact Kurt Graber at 316-773-0948 or kurtgraber //at// yahoo //dot// com or visit their web site at http://www.kgelectronics.com.

IFR made a lot more models that we have listed below. What you see below is all that we have.
If you don't see what you need here, then we weren't given it.
Donations of manual files for this page are gratefully accepted.

On some of the equipment below we couldn't get the real IFR docs but were given the military docs. Note that the AN/GRM-114 is the military designation for the IFR 1000S and AN/GRM-114A is a different piece of equiment - the 1100S. Note that some are TM Technical Manuals and others are TB Technical Bulletins.

IFR FM/AM-500/A documentation:
Exterior photos: Photo 1   Photo 2   Photo 3   Photo 4
Interior photos courtesy of Hans Ronchetti in Australia:
Photo 1         Photo 2         Photo 3         Photo 4         Photo 5         Photo 6
FM/AM-500/A Service Monitor Maintenance Manual   9.3 MB PDF
FM/AM-500/A Service Monitor Operation Manual   1.8 MB PDF
The battery pack in this unit consists of six Gates/Hawker Cyclon/Enersys 0800-0004 cells, which are sealed lead-tin cells rated at 2V and 5AH each.
IFR FM / AM-1000A/S documentation:
Photos courtesy of Charles Schmell KS3Z:
Front         Left side         Rear         And one extra...
Inside Bottom         Inside Left Side         Inside Right side
Operator's Guide for the IFR 1000S (s/n 108 and above) in PDF.   Dated 1980   894 kB PDF
Operation Manual for the IFR 1000S in PDF.   Dated 5-29-1980   9.6 MB PDF
1000A Service Manual   Manual part number 1-23-0610, dated July 1978   26.5 MB PDF
1000A/S Service Notes Part 1   By John Kuivinen WB6IQS   2.5 MB PDF
1000A/S Service Notes Part 2   By John Kuivinen WB6IQS   545 kB PDF
TM 11-6625-3016-14 dated 18-Jun-1982 Operator's and General Support Maintenance Manual for Test Set, Radio AN/GRM-114 (IFR FM/AM-1000S)   10 MB PDF
IFR FM / AM-1100A/S documentation:
Photos courtesy of Tim Ahrens W5FN:
Front         Rear         Inside left side (scope side)         Inside right side (speaker side)
Internals top with hinged panel closed         Underside of hinged panel         Internals with hinged panel out of the way         Inside Bottom

The MM100E is the optional SINAD meter in the hinged cover.
Top (closed)         Top (open)         Controls         Side         Circuit board
FM/AM-1100S/A Maintenance Manual   49.1 MB PDF
Radio Test Set AN/GRM-114A, (NSN 6625-01-144-4481)
Operator's Manual TM-11-6625-3016-10-1   8.3 MB PDF
Organizational Maintenance Manual TM-11-6625-3016-20-1   5.5 MB PDF
TB 9-6625-2059-35 dated 24-Sep-2004   Calibration Procedure for Test Set, Radio AN/GRM-114A (IFR MODEL FM/AM-1100S)   1.2 MB PDF
IFR FM / AM-1200A/S documentation:
The original 1200 cannot be upgraded to a 1220S (with tracking generator, etc) and they have the infamous blue PC boards and are a real pain PITA to work on.
Brochure Photos: Photo 1   Photo 2
Interior and miscellaneous photos (courtesy of Bob Vaughan AF6RR):
Image 01     Image 02     Image 03     Image 04     Image 05
Image 06     Image 07     Image 08     Image 09     Image 10
Image 11     Image 12     Image 13     Image 14     Image 15
Image 16     Image 17     Image 18     Image 19     Image 20
Image 21     Image 22     Image 23     Image 24     Image 25
Image 26     Image 27     Image 28     Image 29     Image 30
1200A Data sheet   227 kB PDF
1200 Super S Data Sheet   145 kB PDF
1200S/A Operations Manual   7.3 MB PDF
1200S/A Service Manual   10.6 MB PDF
1200 Super S Operation Manual   4.5 MB PDF
Includes remote operation supplement
Does anybody have any other manuals available for the 1200 (military or otherwise) ?
IFR FM / AM-1500A/S documentation:
Exterior photos (supplied by Andy WD4KDN): Photo 1   Photo 2
Interior and miscellaneous photos:   20dB amplifier   New and old batteries   Battery removed from pcb   Battery installed on pcb   CPU and memory pcb   Inside the front panel   Interior (top) view   Interior (bottom) view   Motherboard support bracket   New battery installed   Next card behind cpu circuit board   Side shield
1500 Application Notes   5.5 MB PDF
Scanned from a 1986 publication but the theory is as applicable as it was over 20 years ago.
Another version of the IFR-1500 Application Notes...
IFR produced a spiral-bound book that was packed with each unit.
Joe Szczech K1IKE was kind enough to scan his, page by page.
Part 1 Cover and pages 1-9   2.3 MB PDF
Part 2 Pages 10-19   2.6 MB PDF
Part 3 Pages 20-29   2.8 MB PDF
Part 4 Pages 30-39   2.7 MB PDF
Part 5 Pages 40-55   4.3 MB PDF
FM/AM-1500 Service Monitor Maintenance Manual   16.3 MB PDF
FM/AM-1500 Service Monitor Complete Maintenance Manual   8 MB PDF
This manual, unlike the one above, contains revisions, schematics, and even test fixtures and accessories. Considering the size and what's in it, this is a much better deal.
FM/AM-1500 Service Monitor Operator's Guide   10.6 MB PDF
FM/AM-1500 Service Monitor Operator's Guide   47 MB PDF   Donated by Robin K4IDC
Robin took the above file and processed the text so this file is searchable, making it easier to use and find things.
IFR FM / AM-1600S documentation:
Photos courtesy of Joe Burkleo WA7JAW:
back         bottom         front on stand         front left
front right         front         top (angled)         top (down)
FM/AM-1600S Operator's Manual   13.8 MB PDF
FM/AM-1600S Maintenance Manual   16.4 MB PDF scanned by Sam Reaves W3OHM
FM/AM-1600S Calibration Manual   8 MB PDF scanned by Sam Reaves W3OHM
This is actually the Military TS-4317-2 Radio Test Set version.
FM/AM-1600 General Support Maintenance Manual   3.1 MB PDF donated by Sam Reaves W3OHM
This is actually the Military TS-4317 AN/GRM-114B Radio Test Set version. Covers both the LCD and CRT models.
FM/AM-1600 Operator's and Unit Maintenance Manual   3.1 MB PDF donated by Sam Reaves W3OHM
This is actually the Military TS-4317 AN/GRM-114B Radio Test Set version. Covers both the LCD and CRT models.
IFR COM-120 documentation:
Click here for a photo of the COM-120A and COM-120B   courtesy of Tracy N4LGH.
Click here for a photo of the rear panel of a COM-120B   courtesy of Tracy N4LGH.
Click here for a 19.3 MB Zip file of COM-120A photos.
27 high-resolution pictures of a disassembled COM-120A, courtesy of Tracy N4LGH.
Click here for a 11.6 MB Zip file of COM-120B photos.
16 high-resolution pictures of a disassembled COM-120B, courtesy of Tracy N4LGH.
COM-120B Data Sheet   212 kB PDF
COM-120B Training Powerpoint file   3.1 MB PPT
COM-120C Operation's Manual   2.5 MB PDF
COM-120C Maintenance Manual Supplement   2.7 MB PDF
Supplement for the COM-120B Maintenance Manual that covers the COM-120C.
According to a local 2-way tech if your Com-120 fails self test in the ( dev modulation ) or ( dist meter ) area you will need to change all of the electrolytic caps in the baseband tray. IFR had a bad batch of them.

Other Documents and Manuals:

2023 & 2024 AM/FM Signal Generator Operation Manual   10 MB PDF

2968 Frequently Asked Questions   608 kB PDF

2944 Data Sheet 158 kB PDF

2945B Data Sheet 62 kB PDF

3500 Data Sheet 52 kB PDF

3500A Data Sheet 48 kB PDF

A7550 Spectrum Analyzer Operation Manual   4.5 MB PDF

A7550 Spectrum Analyzer Service Manual   11.5 MB PDF

Accurate power measurements using spectrum analyzers   874 kB PDF
Oriented towards the 239x series of equipment, but an interesting read regardless of what you have.

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This page initially created 30-March-2009 by splitting all of the IFR information away from the Other Manufacturers page.

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