Who (what) is Repeater Builder?

There are three divisions of Repeater Builder, each are explained below.

1, Repeater Builder, the website.
Repeater Builder Dot Com is owned solely by Kevin Custer, W3KKC.  Within the site are many unpaid helpers like Mike Morris - WA6ILQ, Bob Meister - WA1MIK, Scott Zimmerman - N3XCC, Scott Lichtsinn - KBØNLY, and many other contributing authors like Jeff DePolo - WN3A, Bob Schmid - WA9FBO, Eric Lemmon - WB6FLY, Bob Dengler - NO6B, and other unnamed contributors. The website is funded by Kevin Custer and by donations received to help with the cost of upkeep.

2, Repeater Builder, the company.
Repeater Builder, the company, is owned by Scott Zimmerman, N3XCC.  It is a division of Scott's main company, Zimmerman Electronics.  Repeater Builder started out as a sideline business of Kevin Custer, but was eventually turned over to Scott when Kevin could no longer spend time in the shop because of other obligations. Repeater Builder supplies custom built repeater solutions mainly from converted commercial gear like the Motorola MICOR and General Electric MASTR II mobiles and stations.  Repeater Builder also custom engineers, builds, and supplies specialized electronic products for the repeater industry.  The Repeater Builder AP-50 and USB-RIM are two examples.  Repeater Builder is also a repair facility for most major brands of repeaters and related equipment like controllers, DVRs, linking equipment, etc.

3, Repeater-Builder, the email list/group.
Repeater-Builder@YahooGroups.Com is owned and managed by Kevin Custer, W3KKC.  It is a specialized, free, technical group available to people seeking information on building ham radio, GMRS, or commercial repeater systems.  Discussion of amateur or commercial repeaters, duplexers, antennas, feedlines, controllers, linking, etc. is encouraged.  Email attachments are permitted and you as a member should protect yourself from viruses, as no protection is afforded by the group.  We do not profess to be the first group of this type, but we are certainly the largest. Many of our subscribers are well versed in all facets of radio and will provide quality answers to your questions. With over 5000 members subscribed to this group, there is a very good information base to learn from.

A detailed purpose is outlined in the link below:
Detailed Purpose of the Repeater-Builder group.

4, Masters Communications, is a company Kevin revived in 2015 to sell his specialized products.
Masters Communications is owned by Kevin Custer   It is a specialized company which offers products for commercial applications and test equipment.


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