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Information and Modifications

Some notes on programming and interfacing the TKR-720 / TKR-820 repeaters   A "quickie" page that was put together to share two pages of handwritten notes from my file cabinet that cover interfacing a TKR-n20 repeater to an external repeater controller. If anybody wants to turn them into a photo article, feel free to do so and send it in.
Repairing 'No Transmit Output' on a TKR-750 VHF Repeater   by Henry Clark II KC4KZT
This same condition may exist on other makes and models of radios.
Interfacing a TKR-720 / TKR-820 to an S-Com 5K Repeater Controller   by John "Jake" Eckardt N3FU
One cable is all it takes.
Brute Force Hacking the TKR-720 / TKR-820 Series Repeaters   By Matt Krick K3MK
This writeup shows you how to move a TKR-720 or TKR-820 around the band when you don't have access to a KPT-20 or KPT-50.
Additional Information about Hacking the TKR-820 Series Repeaters   150 kB PDF by Brad Andrews KB9BPF
Spurred by Matt's hacking article above, Brad further decoded the QT (CTCSS) and DQT (DCS) information for these units.
He also provided an Excel spreadsheet file that lets you enter frequencies and see the coded result. The file can be downloaded here.
Adding a Ham Gadgets ID-O-Matic II Controller to a TKR-720 / TKR-820 Repeater   11.1 MB PDF by Bob Lawrence KI4RWL
A photo article that walks you through the installation of an inexpensive commercial controller board to a popular desktop repeater.
Adding a Com-Spec ID-8 CW ID to a TKR-720 / TKR-820 Repeater   by Butch Herring W5BE
A short article that gives you connection info for this popular CW ID board.
Com-Spec has hookup information for their TP-38 community repeater panel to the TKR-720 / TKR-820 at their web site. There is enough information buried in their web page to guide you in hooking up a generic repeater controller (like an ACC, an RLC or an S-Com) to the TKR-720 / TKR-820. A local copy can be found here as an 87 kB PDF file.
Connecting an Arcom RC-210 to a TKR-750 / TKR-850 repeater   62 kB PDF courtesy of Ken Arck
The RC-210 uses a simple enough interface that the information will be of value with any repeater controller.

Photo Gallery


Manuals and Sales Brochures

Kenwood repeater model numbers are TKR-7xx for VHF-highband,
TKR-8xx for UHF, and TKR-9xx for 900 MHz.

TKR-720(N) / TKR-820(N) brochure   122 kB PDF
TKR-720/N/A schematics   2.4 MB PDF
The pages are full-size and will need to be printed out and taped together for full sheets.
TKR-720/N/A Service Manual Revised   12.2 MB PDF
Includes option KMC-9. Gray-scale scan with color as required. Also has some service bulletins and several component datasheets at the end.
TKR-720/N/A Service Manual Revised   5.7 MB PDF
Includes option KMC-9. Black&White scan with color as required. Also has some service bulletins at the end.
TKR-740 / TKR-840 brochure   130 kB PDF
TKR-740 / TKR-840 description   62 kB PDF
TKR-740 Service Manual, E Version   10.3 MB PDF
Includes options KES-4, KPG-46.
TKR-740 Service Manual Supplement   5 MB PDF
TKR-740C / TKR-840C brochure   87 kB PDF
TKR-750 / TKR-850 brochure   170 kB PDF
TKR-750 Service Manual   6 MB PDF
Includes option KES-4.
TKR-750 Service Manual Revised II   3.6 MB PDF
Includes option KES-5.
TKR-750 Service Manual Supplement   500 kB PDF
TKR-820 Service Manual   28 MB PDF
Includes option KMC-9. This file has gray-scale views where applicable.
TKR-820/N/A Service Manual Revised II   36 MB PDF
Includes option KMC-9. This file has color views where applicable.
TKR-850 Service Manual Revised   6 MB PDF
Includes option KES-4.
TKR-851 Service Manual   16.3 MB PDF
Includes option KES-5. Donated by Brad KB9BPF.
Function Reference (FUNC) for the TKR-750 / TKR-850 Version 2 and TKR-751 / TKR-851   648 kB PDF
Field Programming Reference (FPRG) for the TKR-750 / TKR-850 Version 2 and TKR-751 / TKR-851   1.8 MB PDF
TKR-901 Service Manual   8.8 MB PDF
900 MHz trunking repeater unit. Requires some sort of external power amplifier.
TKR-7400 / TKR-8300 / TKR-8400 brochure   53 kB PDF
The photo on this brochure shows a conventional single-channel repeater system.
TKR-7400 / TKR-8400 brochure   88 kB PDF
The photos on this brochure show a 3-channel and a 5-channel trunked system.
KSG-4500 UHF Repeater Preliminary Installation and Operation Manual   579 kB PDF courtesy of Tim Childers KB9FBI
This is a preliminary Manual (unfortunately no schematics) for the KGS-4500 100 watt UHF continuous duty repeater, which is based on the TKR-820 design. The KSG-4500 has a DB-15 accessory connector which is VERY different than the Molex 15 pin connector on the TKR-820.

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