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  The Quantar & Quantro
Station Index Page

Compiled by Robert Meister WA1MIK and Mike Morris WA6ILQ
The page maintainer got so much email about Quantars
that he had to remove his contact information.

Here are some of the major differences between the Quantar and the Quantro:

Articles and Brochures:

Ordering a Quantar Station   A list of the major categories one would need to specify if ordering a new station. Now you can understand why model numbers are so hard to come by and could be nearly meaningless. Compiled by Robert W. Meister WA1MIK.
General Quantar Info from Motorola Electronic Catalog   Equipment, options, descriptions, and prices. From September 2003. 175 kB PDF file.
VHF Quantar Station Specifications brochure   266 kB PDF file.
UHF Quantar Station Specifications brochure   98 kB PDF file.
Quantar and Astro-TAC Stations brochure   2 MB PDF file.
Quantar and Astro-TAC Receivers Specifications brochure   110 kB PDF file.
Quantar Field Replaceable Units   Lists of the various FRU part numbers which should tell you what your station is equipped with. Compiled by Robert W. Meister WA1MIK.
An Overview and Beginner's Guide to Interfacing the Quantar station   Images show the major assemblies and all rear panel connectors. Describes the most common interfacing signals. Reworked by Robert W. Meister WA1MIK.
Identifying a Quantar Station   Useful information and selection suggestions, plus lists of module numbers. Submitted by Martin A Flynn W2RWJ.
Quantar Enhanced Wildcard Features Without Leaving In The Enhanced Board   This programming feature was discovered purely by accident, but it opens up possibilities. Submitted by Josh Heide K6ZRX.
Mike's Miscellaneous Motorola Minutia page contains additional Quantar tidbits and helpful parts information.
W9CR's Quantar Wiki page contains even more Quantar tidbits and helpful parts information.


As long as the Quantar and Quantro are current Motorola products, most of the later manuals are still available for purchase. The prices listed below should be taken only as a rough guideline. Motorola adjusts prices quarterly, and offers one set of prices to their dealers / service shops, another on their order desk, and a third to self-maintaining fleet customers (i.e. police departments, fire departments, etc).

As of April 2011 the available Quantar manuals are:
6881088E90 Quantar Service Manual -   This is the service manual for Quantar, Quantro, DSS-III, ASTRO-TAC Comparator, ASTRO-TAC receiver. It includes schematics, part location details, and parts lists, for every module EXCEPT the power supplies. This manual is over five inches thick.
6881095E10 Quantar User Guide
6871012P36 Quantar Instruction Manual on CD-ROM
6881127E40 Quantar Repeater/SAM Manual
6881085E35 Quantar/Quantro RSS manual
6881088E90 Quantar/Quantro Service manual
RVN5002AZ Programming Software, current version (as of this writing - March 2011) is R14.09.01
Plus there are various separate Functional manuals for each of the above product lines. If anyone has relevant part numbers, with or without prices, please let us know.

PDF versions of any currently available manual won't be posted here at Repeater-Builder. The older manuals that are Cancelled or No Longer Available (NLA) are a different story.

Quantar RSS Instruction Manual 6881085E35-AG   20 MB PDF file.
Quantar Digital-Capable Station Instruction manual, p/n 6881095E05, scan courtesy of Eric Lemmon WB6FLY.
This manual includes station installation, module configuration and removal, and all interfacing information for the Conventional, Securenet, Astro, Trunking, and IntelliRepeater systems on VHF (25 and 125 watt), UHF (25, 100, and 110 watt), 800 MHz (20 and 100 wattt) and 900 MHz (100 watt). When it was available in paper form it was over two inches thick.
Part 1, Front Matter   836 kB PDF file.
Part 2, Description   1.14 MB PDF file.
Part 3 Installation   2.8 MB PDF file.
Part 4 Operation and Maintenance   2.7 MB PDF file.
Part 5 Receiver Modules   3.1 MB PDF file.
Part 6 Transmitter Modules   3.16 MB PDF file.
Part 7 Station Control Modules   7.1 MB PDF file.
Part 8 Wireline Interface Modules   2.98 MB PDF file.
Part 9 Station Backplane Board   1.1 MB PDF file.
Part 10 Power Supply Modules   7.8 MB PDF file.
Part 11 Antenna Relay and Circulators   1.95 MB PDF file.
Part 12 Duplexers   3.06 MB PDF file.
One of the options from Motorola for the VHF, UHF and 800/900 MHz Quantar units is an in-cabinet duplexer. Each section includes a description, an adjustments procedure, performance specifications, rack mounting informaiton, and a field tuning procedure. See the tables below for the option number to use when ordering a duplexer.

VHF: (Click here for the VHF section only - 762 kB PDF file.)
The unit that Motorola supplies is a relabeled Celwave model PD5042-1 and is factory tuned to your frequency before shipping. The performance of this six-cavity pass-notch duplexer can be better than 100 dB isolation between transmitter and receiver.
Range (MHz) Part Number Option Number
132-146 0185417U01 X182AA
144-160 0185417U02 X182AB
158-174 0185417U03 X182AJ
More details on this duplexer can be found here and here. Both are worth reading.
UHF: (Click here for the UHF section only - 735 kB PDF file.)
Range (MHz) Part Number Option Number
380-403 ? X182BU
403-435 0185417U04 X182AC
435-470 0185417U05 X182AD
470-490 0185417U06 X182AE
490-520 0185417U07 X182AF

800/900 MHz: (Click here for the 800/900 MHz section only - 374 kB PDF file.)
Range (MHz) Part Number Option Number
Receive: 806-824 MHz
Transmit: 851-869 MHz
? X182AG
Receive: 896-902 MHz
Transmit: 935-941 MHz
? X182AH
Part 13 Modem, Peripheral Tray and Ultra High Stability Oscillator (UHSO)   1.28 MB PDF file.
Part 14 Station Configuration   4.11 MB PDF file.
Part 15 Station Interfacing   1.6 MB PDF file.
All of the above 15 sections as a single file (none of the SMRs below are included)   22 MB PDF file.
Quantar Service Manual Revision SMR6815 dated August 2005   65 kB PDF file.
Don't bother printing this one - it's just a text change ("from '95% relative humidity' to '95% relative humidity, non-condensing') plus a European Union legality notice.
Quantar Service Manual Revision SMR6868 dated January 2007   167 kB PDF file.
This SMR describes a VHF Power Amplifier Module change - models TLD3101G and TLD3102G have been replaced by CLD1298A and CLD1299A, respectively. It also instructs you to toss the removed pages on the old modules. I wouldn't - you never know when you will stumble across an older module and wish you had the info...
Quantar Service Manual Revision SMR6901 dated Febuary 2008 3.14 MB PDF file.
This SMR added information on the new station control modules (CLN8426A, CLN8447A, CLN8426A and CLN8447A). It is 45 pages long and replaces major sections of the manual index and several other pages.
Quantar Service Manual Revision SMR6915 dated April 2008   102 kB PDF file.
This one-page SMR descrbes a one-word correction to SMR6901.
All of the above 15 sections plus the four SMRs as a single PDF file.   25 MB PDF file.
The entire original manual, not scanned; no SMRs   4.5 MB PDF file.
Quantar PDR 3500 Portable Repeater Basic Service Manual 6881093C75-O   780 kB PDF file.

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