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  The MSR2000 Station Index Page
Compiled by Robert Meister WA1MIK

This index is a work-in-progress and
it will be enhanced as time permits.
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Information and Modification Articles:

MSR2000 Information, Modifications, Photos, Hints, Tips   by Mike Morris WA6ILQ
There is a lot more MSR2000 information here.
Channel Elements for the Mitrek or MSR2000   by Mike Morris WA6ILQ
Conversion and interfacing of an MSR2000 station to an external repeater controller   by Henry Wingate K4HAL
While the author used a CAT200B controller, the information applies to most other units.
A status display for the MSR2000 station   by Henry Wingate K4HAL
Put that empty slot to work. A few LEDs can go a long way towards diagnosing control problems.
Connecting a CAT250 controller to an MSR2000 repeater   by Nate Bargmann NØNB
The author describes the conversion and interfacing procedure for the WØDOD repeater.
MSR2000 Conversion   by David Stanford K7IOU (off-site link)
Yet another group's conversion project using a CAT250 controller.
Modifications to the MSR2000 cards for the VE6NHB repeater   by VESBS (off-site link)
Again, a few LEDs and switches can make all the difference. Several cards were modified. Full documentation is provided.
Documentation on the TLN6721CDX TX Alarm Card
In-cabinet Repeater Controller for the MSR2000 Station   by Eric Grabowski KH6CQ. 260 kB PDF
Eric mounted an NHRC-4 controller onto a spare card that plugs right into the MSR2000. Very clean; very neat. Well-done article.
Adding an ID-8 to a MICOR or MSR2000 Shelf   by Jerry Matthews WAØUZI
This article also applies to the MICOR and Motrac/Motran series of stations with plug-in card shelves.
Adding an ID-O-Matic to an MSR2000 Station   by Eric Grabowski KH6CQ. 278 kB PDF
Eric added an ID-O-Matic II Morse identifier board to an MSR 2000 squelch gate module and mounted both boards behind a double-wide front panel fashioned from an MSR 2000 Line Driver module. Another well-done article. More info is available at the link below.
The ID-O-Matic kit   by NØXAS (off-site link)
Another low-cost CW ID solution that can be added to an MSR2000 repeater.
Detailed audio path diagram for the MSR2000 Station   by Eric Grabowski KH6CQ. 35 kB PDF
Running D-STAR on a Motorola MSR2000 VHF Repeater   by Ron Wright N9EE.
A D-STAR repeater controller can be easily added to an MSR2000.

Manuals and PDF Files:

VHF MSR2000 Station Instruction Manual 6881061E50-B   18 MB PDF
A previous revision of the VHF Station Instruction Manual below.
The entire VHF Station Instruction Manual 6881061E50-C   13 MB PDF
The Control and Audio manual (6881061E40C) below covers the control shelf.
VHF Models, Options, and Specs section of the above manual   1.7 MB PDF
Installation and Description section of the above manual   1.0 MB PDF
Maintenance section of the above manual   1.2 MB PDF
Receiver section of the above manual   2.5 MB PDF
Transmitter section of the above manual   5 MB PDF
Power Supply section of the above manual   3.1 MB PDF
Accessories section of the above manual   583 kB PDF
The entire MSR2000 Control and Audio manual 6881061E40-C   18 MB PDF
This is the companion manual to the VHF and UHF station instruction manuals.
Functional description section of the above manual   888 kB PDF
RF Control Chassis section of the above manual   2.4 MB PDF
Remote Control section of the above manual   8.4 MB PDF
Audio and Squelch section of the above manual   6.3 MB PDF
Optional Equipment section of the above manual   4.2 MB PDF
VHF MSR2000 Exciter   4.2 MB PDF
VHF MSR2000 Continuous-duty Power Amplifier   2.8 MB PDF
VHF MSR2000 Intermittent-duty Power Amplifier   2.9 MB PDF
VHF MSR2000 Receiver   3.3 MB PDF
VHF MSR2000 TRD6182A Receiver Schematic   619 kB PDF
VHF MSR2000 Receiver Alignment   180 kB PDF
VHF MSR2000 Transmitter Alignment   4.0 MB PDF
UHF MSR2000 Exciter   1.8 MB PDF
UHF MSR2000 TLD9232B Exciter Schematic   555 kB PDF
UHF MSR2000 Power Amplifier   2.1 MB PDF
UHF MSR2000 Receiver   1.8 MB PDF
UHF MSR2000 Receiver Alignment   175 kB PDF
UHF MSR2000 Transmitter Alignment   1.3 MB PDF
UHF MSR2000 Accessories   2.3 MB PDF
RF preamplifier, 2-receiver coupler, duplexer, antenna switch. There is a better scan of the duplexer section here.
MSR2000 Backplane Wiring   2.5 MB PDF
Signal routing, wiring lists, and connector pinouts.
MSR2000 Standard Power Supply   3.5 MB PDF
MSR2000 Battery-reverting/charging Power Supply   5.5 MB PDF
MSR2000 TRN5069A Audio/Squelch Card Schematic   442 kB PDF
MSR2000 TRN5075A PL Encoder/Decoder Card Schematic   423 kB PDF
TRN5079A DC Metering and TRN5080A Service Intercom with Speaker 527 kB PDF
MSR2000 TRN5321A Station Control Card Schematic   343 kB PDF
Multiple PL Decoder Module TRN5329A   2 MB PDF
MSR2000 TRN5331B Squelch Gate Card Schematic   509 kB PDF
MSR2000 Jumper Tables   Courtesy of George Henry KA3HSW. 160 kB PDF
CW Identification Module (Field Modification Kit QLN2812A)   1 MB PDF
TLN640CDX Morse Identifier Module - all pages   5.9 MB ZIP
Page 1   430 kB PDF
Page 2   51 kB PDF
Page 3   43 kB PDF
Page 4   92 kB PDF
Page 5   33 kB PDF
Page 6   54 kB PDF
Page 7   40 kB PDF
Page 8   1.3 MB PDF
Page 9   1.2 MB PDF
Page 10   1.3 MB PDF
Page 11   1.4 MB PDF

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